What is ETHA ?

ETHA aims to disrupt the remittance and payment industry by lowering the barriers to an open financial ecosystem.

We built an interoperable platform for
the remittance and crypto industry.

ETHA introduces the world’s first blockchain based remittance solution platform that will allow merchants and consumers to utilise their digital assets to send fiat money globally.

The remittance solution platform will be the first of its kind to facilitate crypto to fiat transfer. Users will be able to send fiat money utilising digital currencies by allowing the sender the flexibility to select different payout options for the recipient, such as Direct to Bank, Local (Cash) Pick-Up or Mobile Top Up. We aim to support sending money to over 190 countries around the world.

The ETHA payment infrastructure works as a decentralised operating system, which integrates decentralised with centralised resources under one ecosystem, enabling fiat transfer with digital currencies.

What is ETHA?

Problems & Solutions

Approximately 2,5 billion or nearly 40% of the global adult population, do not have a formal bank account or access to affordable financial services.


We have identified key problems within the remittance and payment industry, which we aim to solve.

The existing remittance and payment industry is built on an old-fashioned infrastructure, bonded with expensive fees and transaction delays, which no longer serves the interest of its sophisticated customer base. The rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has created a niche market, along with unserved customers demanding a more inclusive financial industry.

As of today remittance service provider have not build a single working interoperable platform where cryptocurrencies can be used to send fiat money with various payout options such as SWIFT, local cash payout and mobile top up.



The ETHA ecosystem leverages from emerging technologies to facilitate financial services for people across the globe. We aim to connect consumers and merchants to an innovative platform which will disrupt the current remittance service industry.

We utilise the Ethereum blockchain along with our unique infrastructure to facilitate cross-border payments utilising digital currencies.

At the current state smart contracts are inaccessible for any traditional banking- or payment systems, due to the fact how smart contracts are secured on blockchains, and the consensus is reached by miners. These limitations will most likely remain for the foreseeable future, for this reason, we have established strategic partnerships, to solve the complexity of this problem to build an interoperable platform.

Smart Wallet


The mobile app will feature a multi-signature secured Wallet, users will have full control of their funds and private key access. All supported coins are stored with a single backup passphrase, only accessible by the user.


The wallet will be capable of secure P2P transfers, cross border payments and exchange of digital currencies. Consumers and merchants will be able to send and receive cryptocurrencies within minutes or able to send fiat money with the interbank exchange rate. Our smartwallet™ will guide users towards the process of sending cross border payments, along with a dynamic money management platform, providing secure payment functionalities.

  • Send fiat globally
  • Real time exchange rate
  • Digital currency exchange
Android iOS
2017 - 2019


Two exciting years improving the Ecosystem, and the best things are yet to come!

2. Quarter 2017
Project Initiation
Research of Industry
Business model concept
3. Quarter 2017
Proof of concept
White Paper drafted
Smart contract on testnet
4. Quarter 2017
Ecosystem design
Alpha of mobile app
1. Quarter 2018
Smart Contract
Auditing Smart Contract
2. Quarter 2018
Strategic partnerships
Alpha of Exchange
3. Quarter 2018
Beta release of exchange (internal)
4. Quarter 2018
White paper published
Partnership announcement with ChainLink
Development of RP
1. Quarter 2019
Scheduled Pre-ICO (TBA)
Scheduled ICO (TBA)
Token Listing on Exchanges
Token distribution
Live Now
2. Quarter 2019
P2P lending protocol
Native Wallet (Android)
FCA License registration
Listings on our exchange
System testing
Development of LP
3. Quarter 2019
Development of CB financing integration
Launch of mobile app
4. Quarter 2019
Digital currency compliant remittance platform
Launch of CB financing
Public API access
About ERA

Our Token

The value strategy of the token is attractive as it will feature multiple mechanism to stimulate its growth.

Coin Image

ETHA Token

The primary purpose of the (ERA) utility token lies in settlements within our Ecosystem. Using any of our financial services such as remittance service, cross-border financing, decentralized lending or the exchange will require tokens.

ERA tokens can be used to settle any fees on our platform, including but not limited to:

  • • Exchange Fees
  • • Transaction Fees
  • • Collateral on the lending platform
  • • Discount on Fees
  • • Listing Fees for the Exchange
  • • Future exclusive services

The token is deployed on the Ethereum mainnet as an ERC20 token. The Ethereum Blockchain and the constantly growing community is considered the standard for digital tokens and provides the perfect environment for the ERA token.

Token Stats

Token Distribution

A fixed number of tokens will be created during the token sale, and no more will be generated after that. The functionalities of the token are beyond a speculative asset on an exchange.


Participants interested in supporting the development of the ETHA ecosystem can do so by pledging Ether, Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dash to the designated crowdsale address, which will be visible on the dashboard.

To calculate the number of tokens you will receive during the public pre-sale, you can follow the following informations.

Symbol: ERA

Initial Value: 1 ERA = 0.06 USD

Type: ERC-20

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000



Our team consist of highly experienced blockchain developers from various disciplines, that have a track record working on successful projects such as Status Mobile Client, Toshi Browser now known as Coinbase Wallet and more.


Developers and
ambitious people


Years of combined experience


Years of blockchain experience

Anand Raj
CTO & Blockchain Consultant
Gopal Harris
Blockchain Engineer
Chester Bella
Head of Business Development
Ayesha Mittal
Project Coordinator
Ankit Prajapati
CCO / Web-Development
Danny Boahen
Head of Business Operation
Leo Anbarasan
Blockchain Solution Architect
Sneha Patel
Senior UI / UX Designer
Kuldeep Jain
Senior Mobile Developer

Strategic Partners